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Clinton UMC was started a decade ago with a very few people. Now we are a huge family who are guiding many lives to experience the blessings of the Almighty.


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About our church

The most uplifting place you go weekly


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  • The Bible

    The Bible without a doubt is one of the most amazing things about Christianity. Did you know that the Bible is not just one book, but an amalgamation of over sixty-six books? Such texts and scriptures are meant to guide every believer throughout his journey of faith. Amongst these sixty-six books, the initial 39 texts are considered as the Old Testament since it formulates the Bible for Judaism. Judaism is different in its core belief that Christ is not considered the ultimate savior. However, Christians do revere the Old Testament as it mentions the rising of Christ in the next set of texts or the New Testament. The final 27 books formulate the New Testament and are particularly praised by its believers. Home

    The Four Gospels

    The four gospels are the initial four texts of the New Testament which account the details about the life, death, and resurrection of the savior, Jesus Christ, as narrated by four various individuals. Mathew, a young Jewish tax collector, recounts the timeline of Christ and spreads the savior's prophecies, and was later determined as one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Mark was a young writer who narrates his tales of following Jesus when he was a teen. Luke was a physician who wrote down the accounts and details of eyewitnesses and became a follower post Christ's death. John narrates his details somewhat differently and is known as one of the apostles who ceased to die. Although certain contradiction exists between each tale, all share commonality among the fact that Jesus appeared, died and rose from the dead.

    Churches and denominations

    Records indicate that are over 33,800 denominations of Christianity available, while over 113,000 churches exist in the United States. The five main types of Christian church include Roman Catholic, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Anglican. Home

    Languages of Christianity

    The Old Testament of texts was primarily written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, whereas books of the New Testament were written in Greek.

    The Resurrected Saviour

    Did you know that Christianity is the only religion in the world where its savior has risen from the dead?

    The cost of Christianity

    Not everyone and every nation accept the faiths and principles of Christianity. Often times, Christianity is considered the most persecuted religious belief in the entire world since being a believer and residing in nations such as North Korea, Egypt, Qatar, and Afghanistan can get you abducted and ultimately killed.

    Christianity is followed in Antarctica

    It is quite intriguing to know that the majority of the population follows Christianity and even has several churches established in the nation.  

  • Church history is a mighty resource for Christian ministry. This is true, in the first place, because of the way it teaches us to read. Reading history with integrity requires us to reckon with an objective reality that is outside of ourselves. People in the...

  • Subscribe to the John Piper Sermons Podcast, available in iTunes, YouTube, RSS, and more. The following is a lightly edited transcript. We’re going to look at some remarkable things in John 11:1–6, but let me go back to the beginning and set the stage. In...

  • I am not brave. I recently heard someone differentiate between bravery and courage, saying that bravery is the ability to take on difficult situations without fear, while courage is taking on difficult situations even when you’re afraid. When I think of courage, I am reminded...

  • Clogged septic tanks are nothing less than a hassle, but they need to be used for homes that are responsible for their own water supply. I have always hated treating my septic tank ever since I was young and had to clean up after it....

  • Audio Transcript Today’s question is a bit technical, but super important. And it’s weighty. Here it is. What active role does God play in both the redemption of sinners and in the perdition of sinners? Casey asks it. “Hello, Pastor John! In studying Romans 9:22–23,...

  • I underestimated the word of God. Over the last several years, studying the Bible with other women, I realized I was not alone. Many have had the same experience I have. We valued it, we talked about it, we contemplated it, we applied it, and...

  • I can still remember being startled by the thought: Jesus doesn’t seem very nice. Unquestionably compassionate, gracious, and patient, Jesus also said and did things that, as I read through Mark, surprised me. The kind of things that today would get him trolled on Twitter...

    • First and foremost of all, pay attention to what you are thinking of. Our mind is regarded as very turbulent as the mouth or body has no option but to follow whatever the mind processes about. It is due to such reasons that we can source the negativity to our thought processing in minds. Regardless of how turbulent and unsure our thought patterns and mindsets are, we can for a fact tame and control our mind, instead of letting the mind control us. Simple practices such as integrating or swapping a negative thought with a positive one can do wonders. As stated in 2 Corinthians 10:5, it may take significant effort and time to integrate such process in our minds, however with progress, eventually, the number of positive thoughts will overcome the number of negative thoughts present in mind.
    • The second step involves obstructing and hindering external negative forces such as from other people, influencing you. If you truly do desire to inculcate a positive change from your negative aspects, then it is imperative you distance and cut off from harmful elements and people who do nothing but spread negativity. Moreover, hanging around such people and elements will impact you for the worst and lose sight of your end goal.
    • The third step involves formulating a list of all the areas in your life you wish to change. Tend to evaluate your life, and list down all the aspects you want to improve, change and erase. Regardless of the length of the list, make sure to work and take necessary steps to change and enhance each aspect listed down. If you have trouble listing down your negatives, ask your family as they know you better than anyone else.
    • The fourth step involves integrating self-positive and motivational quotes in your life. Simple measures such as immediately reading aloud positive and motivational quotes after waking up or when feeling down can positively boost and impact you to face everyday life with a better mindset. You will tend to feel more positive and confident about yourself. Moreover, you are affirming the positivity in your life.
    • The final step involves seeking help to change from the Almighty. Understand the fact that you cannot change all of a sudden by yourself; you will need faith and support from the Lord Almighty to help you guide and see your change through. Make time to pray and spend time with God. Do your part, and God will take care of the rest.

  • The Modern View on Muslims & Sex It is common perception nowadays for our sisters in Islam to be perceived as somewhat prudish. Our society screams out for revealing clothing and overt sexual behavior from women – and as Muslims we rightfully turn away from...